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Russian live fire training

By 2Lt Alexis Clement
First published in
SFOR Informer #91, July 5, 2000

Ugljevik - One of a soldier's duties is to train and practice to keep a sufficient technical level. In the Russian Battle Group, soldiers and their staff apply this rule strictly. Shooting competitions are organised on a nearby firing, belonging to 3 Corps of the VRS (Army of the Republika Srpska).

As often as possible, these shooting exercises are organised jointly with another Battle Group of the Multinational Division allowing units to test each other’s weapons. The paras of 3 Company of the 2nd Parachutist Battalion soldiers trained with their weapons June 28.

On the 25 meter shooting range, the troops fired with the PM 9mm. On the 300 meter range, the whole company shot fixed targets situated at 200, 250 and 300 meters with their AK 74 calibre 5.45mm and their SVD (sniper rifle). Some soldiers then fired on old wrecked tanks with an RPG and antitank munitions, then with the 14.5 mm machine guns of their armoured vehicles.

The organisation of shooting exercises like this one takes a lot of time. The company is divided into small groups and pass in different areas where security rules are emphasised before they pass to the shooting phase. An ambulance and three radios must be present on the site. Security is the priority.
In the observation building situated rear from the range, behind the windows, observers give scores to the participants.

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