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Operation Rapid Resolve

By Capt. Jesus Campuzano
First published in
SFOR Informer #73


Manjaca - October 20, noon, a thick cloak of clouds cover the Manjaca Training Area, in the Area of responsibility of Multinational Division South West. On the ground, a forward team of the US Army Southern European Task Force (SETAF) waits patiently the jump of a Multinational force made up of a company of SETAF's 1-508th Airborne Battalion Combat Team (ABCT), augmented by an Italian platoon from the Alpini Parachute Battalion from Monte Cervino and some elements of the SETAF staff. These 180 paratroopers, as part of the SFOR Strategic Reserve Force (SRF), are in Bosnia to reinforce the SFOR Operational Reserve within the framework of Exercise Joint Resolve XVII.

At 13:30, as planned, the rumble of the engines of the C-130 Hercules aircraft is audible, but the clouds make it impossible to see them, the jump is postponed one hour. The weather conditions get worse and the force is diverted to Tuzla. "It is a pity after the previous training we have made with the Americans in Italy... but security is first in exercises," said Lt. Marco Manzone, Commander of the Italian platoon.

In Eagle Base, near Tuzla, in the Multinational Division North, Americans and Italian paratroops have the opportunity to meet with their counterparts of the Russian Separate Airborne Brigade, and share knowledge and experiences. Despite the very adverse weather conditions, the SFOR SRF has now gained valuable hands-on knowledge of Bosnia and their SFOR colleagues in Theatre... knowledge that they will be able to apply if this over-the-horizon force is ever called in by the commanders.

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