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Multinational Exercise in NORDPOL Brigade

by Capt. Felipe Quero

First published in SFOR INFORMER #26, December 24, 1997

Photo 1T.JPG (7846 bytes)Velika Ribnica - One of the many SFOR units in Bosnia and Hercegovina carrying out regular multinational training exercises is the Multinational Platoon (MNP). It consists of a platoon of soldiers from the Nordic-Polish Brigade (NORDPOL Bde), with a maximum strength of 80. Recently MNP components held their first live fire exercise.

The MNP concept was originated two years ago in Multinational Division North with the aim of strengthening multinational co-operation between their units.

Their composition includes four sections from the Danish, Norwegian, Poles and Swedish Battalions, aPhoto 2T.JPG (13333 bytes) Finnish team in support of the Command Section, one American Psychological Operations team and one Norwegian medical evacuation team."Every month, they join in one of the NORDPOL Bde camps, and undergo a three-day training exercise. Soldiers from each army training on the weapons and procedures of the others countries, ending with a joint review designed the get the best of the systems. The usual tasks for the MNP include communication training, urban training, concealed arms caches searches and showing presence," pointed out Norwegian Maj. Tore Bade, Liaison Officer with the NORDPOL Bde.

Photo 3T.JPG (9320 bytes)With seven countries participating in the exercise, seven sets of proceduresPhoto 4T.JPG (6762 bytes) must be sorted out. "Our problems mainly stem from national procedures and regulations, and also from the different sort of communication systems," said MNP commander, Danish Capt. Michael Christensen. "To overcome the differences, we start with some preparatory seminars. After these, the national training phase, continuing with the multinational exercise. When finished, we discuss the lessons learned during the exercise, choosing the best of each country and learning about how every section does the same mission."

Photo 5T.JPG (11502 bytes)The MNP spent December 17, 1997 conducting training for the live firePhoto 6T.JPG (11745 bytes) exercise scheduled the next day. The components also patrolled and conducted mobile checkpoints in the Norwegian Battalion area of responsibility until 01:00 am. They mixed soldiers of several nationalities, including translators in all of the teams.

The next day, the unit trained at the Velika Ribnica range, south west of Tuzla, for the live fire exercise. The final day was spent working together with the Task Force 3-2 Armoured Cavalry Regiment, and preparing a static display of weapons at Camp Colt.

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