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NORDPOL Battle Run

by Maj. Fernando Buesa

First published in SFOR Informer #31, March 11, 1998

Photo 1T.JPG (3021 bytes)Modrica - Hosted by the Norwegian Battalion, on February 21, all units of the Nordic Polish Brigade (NORDPOL Bgd) had teams competing in a Battle Run. Teams came from all countries which have a battalion in the Brigade area and other international units also sent squads.

Photo 2T.JPG (5036 bytes)The course was ten kilometres long with ten different stations, all with tasks related to military training, such as passing through barbed wire, crossing spaces by rope, carrying a stretcher case for almost 300 metres in a chest-high cold river full of obstacles and thunder flashes, shooting on a range, crossing a long trench flooded full of barbed wire, wood, and so Photo 3T.JPG (2999 bytes)on.

Fifteen teams competed in the arduous Battle Run including Danes, Finns, Norwegians, Swedes, one from the Nordic Support Group, and one from the International Military Police.

[Danish soldier]

[Finnish soldier]

[Norwegian soldier]

[Swedish soldier]

[Exercise and Training]