Text: Lt. Sveinung Larsen - Photo: OR7 Sven Christian

The water reservoir, with a striking resemblance of a swimming pool, is placed between two "Funcourts" which can be used for badminton, street hockey, basketball, volleyball and ice hockey during the winter season.

In camp Casablanca near the city of Suva Reka in NMB South, they take really good care of their soldiers. There you have almost everything you could expect from a holiday home, except a squash court.

Three nationalities live side by side in camp Casablanca. Austrian and Swiss forces from Task Force Dulje and German soldiers share the compound, not to mention the leisure activities. The soldiers can choose between a diversity of activities such as: street hockey, basketball, sauna, volleyball, football, badminton, beach volleyball and football. If they don't feel like physical activity the library can provide an intellectual challenge or they can just cool off at the sundeck.

Speaking of cooling off. In camp Casablanca you can also go for a swim in the fire brigade's water reservoir It has a striking resemblance to an ordinary swimming pool, with a diving board and water filter. Nevertheless, when the soldiers dive into the pool of water after a hard days work, they do so in the fire brigades water reservoir.

Major Stefan Tabacznik, one of the familiar voices on "Radio Casablanca"

Self caring soldiers

"For fun we call the camp "Club Militaireane'" in reference to the tour operator "Club Mditerrane". But it's important to emphasize that a lot of the facilities have been built by the soldiers themselves in their spare time," says Maj. Stefan Tabacznik. He is the public information officer of the Swiss troops in Kosovo, and points out that welfare is important in their camp because the soldiers are not allowed to go outside. Personally he is taken up with their local KFOR radio:

"We have two radio channels, radio Casablanca and radio Andernach, who share the transmission time during the day. In the evening we rebroadcast radio from Switzerland, Germany and Austria."