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Brigadier General Anders Brännström,
Swedish Army

Brigadier General Brännström was born in Hancock (Michigan, USA) on February 28, 1957.

Brigadier General Brännström started his military training in the Norrbotten Arctic Infantry Regiment (19th) in Boden. He received his commission in 1979, after studies at the Military Academy in Stockholm. He graduated from War College in 1986 and from Staff College in 1990. Brigadier General Brännström underwent parachute ranger training in 1981.

He attended the Reserve Components National Security Course (National Defense University, Arlington Virginia, USA), the PfP Staff Officers Course (SWEDINT, Almnäs, Sweden), the International Commanding Officers Course (Armed Forces International Centre, Sessvollmoen, Norway), the Integrated PfP OSCE Course (NATO Defense College, Rome, Italy) and the Advanced Management Course (Swedish Institute of Management, Sigtuna, Sweden).

Brigadier General Brännström has his background in the Arctic Infantry. His career has included several appointments within Arctic Infantry Brigades, from Platoon Leader to Brigade Commander. He has held the position as Chief of Army Operations in the Northern Joint Command in Boden as well as several positions at Armed Forces Headquarters in Stockholm. In 1982/83 he served as Platoon Leader at the Swedish United Nations Battalion in Cyprus.

In 1992 Brigadier General Brännström was appointed to the General Staff. He was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel in 1995 and Colonel in 1998. In 1998 Brigadier General Brännström assumed command of the 5th Arctic Infantry Brigade and the Jämtland Regiment in Östersund.

Brigadier General Brännström served as Commanding Officer of the Swedish battalion and contingent in Kosovo (SWEBAT) during the summer 2000.

Brigadier General Brännström is vice chairman of the Swedish Association for Christian Officers and member of the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences.