Contributing Nations

  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • France (Lead nation)
  • Greece
  • Luxemburg
  • Morocco
  • Slovenia

Multinational Battle Group North

Multinational Battle Group North is deployed in the northern region of Kosovo. Since 17th September 2009, the MNBG-N Commander is Colonel Chaxel (French Army).

Two features of MNBG North's AOR (Area of Responsibility) are very important. On the one hand, northern Kosovo is the economic heart of Kosovo as the TREPCA'S Combinat illustrates; on the other hand, MNBG North's AOR is also the most multiethnic area.

KFOR is represented by:

  • An HQ located in Novo Selo
  • A French Battalion (FREBAT), based in Mitrovica
  • A Danish Battalion, located in Donje Zabare, including also Estonian soldiers
  • A Moroccan detachment located in Novo Selo
  • Within the FREBAT, Belgian, Moroccan units
  • An Hellenist Battalion, located in Mitrovica
  • An HQ & Combat Service (named "BCS" in French): Army units (Transport Regiments, Signal Regiments, Ordnance Regiments, Attack Helicopters Regiments, field hospital...).

The mission of MNBG-N is to:

  • Establish and maintain a secure environment
  • Monitor, verify the Military Technical Agreement
  • Provide assistance to Kosovo Police and EULEX mission, in order to facilitate peace and stability in Kosovo
  • Concerning the security, the brigade provides patrols, checkpoints, escorts and intelligence by an efficient layout of troops that permits a permanent contact with the population in order to anticipate or to react with determination.

On the civilian-military cooperation side, the task force acts in close cooperation with international and no-governmental organizations through is Civil Military Cooperation (CIMIC). The CIMIC notably provides to the population goods and food to isolated villages. It also takes part in the rebuilding of infrastructures by providing supplies and expertise.