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Unit: Ukrainian part of joint Ukrainian-Polish Battalion (UKRPOLBAT)
Staff Operational Group;
National Support Element (NSE)
Home Base: Western Operational Command, Lviv Region, Ukraine
Commander: LTC Victor M. Kopachinskyi
HQ Location: Camp White Eagle and Camp Breza
Role/Task: The tasks of the Ukrainian Contingent/MNTF are as follows:
  • Monitor, verify and enforce as necessary the provision of the Military Technical Agreement in order to secure a safe and secure environment
  • Provide humanitarian assistance in support of UNHCR efforts;
  • Initially enforce basic law and order, transitioning;
  • Establish and support the resumption of core civil functions.
  • Contingent provide helicopter/transportation and liaison support for the Main KFOR HQ, conduct checkpoints, observation posts, patrolling and convoy operations in AOR.
Structure: Ukrainian Staff and Rear Elements of UKRPOLBAT and NSE are located in Camp White Eagle, the main station of UKRPOLBAT. The place is close to village RAKA, 7 km to the North from KACHANIK.

Two more Special Companies, along with engineering, communication, technical support and logistic supportplatoons, as well as Ukrainian military police and medicalunits of UKRPOLBAT are located in Camp Breza in BREZOVICA. All Units are volunteering, no conscripts deployed. Average age of the units' personnel is 25.

Staff Operational Group - located in the Film City, Pristina, the Main KFOR HQ.

Ukrainian soldiers of the 92nd CIA (Airborne Independent Company) of ZHITOMIR. The company is comprised of two sections of motorized infantry, a section for reconnaissance, a command section, and a detachment of engineers.
Main Equipment:
  • 26 APC (BRDM-2)
  • 11 HUMVEES
  • 97 Vehicles, including cargo and technical support vehicles
KFOR Parent Unit: MNTF East
In theatre since: 12 June 1999
Ministry of Defense: