From the event

23 Jan 2007

Command of MNTF-N changes hands

Soldiers from 11 nations stood at attention in formation January 23 for the MNTF N transfer of authority ceremony at Camp de Lattre de Tassigny.

COMKFOR Lieutenant General Roland Kather presided over the ceremony in which
Brigadier General Jean-Mark Duquense passed on the symbolic flag signifying the end of his tour of duty to incoming commander, Brigadier General Bertrand Clement-Bollee.

As he bid farewell to the soldiers, he not only handed over the responsibility of MNTF N to Brig. Gen. Cement-Bolle, but the future of the Kosovars as well. “I hand over to your this responsibility … in support of peace and freedom”, Brig. Gen. Duquesne added.

Brig. Gen. Clement-Bollee, in his speech to the troops, said he had one common goal: “to maintain confidence in the future”.

“Naturally, today my thoughts are with the inhabitants of Kosovo, particularly with the youth who represent the future”, Brig. Gen. Clement-Bollee said.