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Multinational Brigade Centre gets New Commander

Brigadier Simon Mayall discusses the future of Kosovo with Prime Minister Bajram Rexhepi

Brigadier Gen. David Rutherford-Jones handed over command of Multi-National Brigade Centre MNB(C) to Brigadier Gen. Simon Mayall.

The British 1st Mechanized Brigade Headquarters have now become the core of MNB(C). Mayall has commanded this Brigade for nearly a year now and is usually based on Salisbury Plain in England. The headquarters staff is augmented by officers and NCOs from Sweden, Finland, Norway, Czech Republic, Slovakia and the UK.

"I am aware of the challenges facing Kosovo and I believe this is a very exciting time for the people as their new government starts to address
these issues. I look forward to working with the Government and UNMIK over the next six months in order to make a tangible difference to the lives of all the people of Kosovo,
" Mayall said.