KFOR Chronicle
Ukrainian Contingent Change of Command
By LT Oleksandr Tretiak
Ukrainian Navy
Photos by CPT Dmytro Sotnichenko

On August 7, 2004 the transfer of authority in the Ukrainian contingent of the Poilish-Ukrainian battalion took place in Camp BREZA in MNB East. The fifth troop rotation of the Ukrainian contingent in Kosovo was completed the 9 of August.

The representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Lieutenant General Kostin, the deputy commander of a multinational brigade "East" Colonel Stephen Sanders, the commander of the Polish-Ukrainian battalion Lieutenant Colonel Pyotr Sadovski, representatives of Kosovo local authorities and many others.

All of them gathered at Camp BREZA to welcome the new commander of the Ukrainian contingent, Lieutenant Colonel Serhy Karnaushenko, and to thank the former battalion commander, Lieutenant Colonel Valery Suprigan, for the work he had accomplished during his mission.

Each of them thanked the soldiers, that stood on a parade-ground, for their daily efforts supporting a quiet and peaceful environment no matter what the conditions have been.

The Ukrainian contingent of the Polish-Ukrainian battalion executed many difficult tasks during last year.

Ukranian soldiers completed nearly 6,900 patrols and 20,000 hours of patrolling in the last year. More than 4,000 vehicle checkpoints were set up and about 25,000 vehicles were searched. During their rotation they witnessed the worst violonce in Kosovo since NATO-led forces arrived in 1999. Strpce, however, remained relatively calm compared to other parts of Kosovo. Ukrainian and Polish soldiers did their best to keep the situation in the municipality Strpce quiet and safe.

Following the ceremony, a traditional Ukranian lunch of vareniki, borsch, kholodets and others dishes were offered to all in attendance.