KFOR Chronicle
Restore Confidence

As the 9th COMKFOR commanding more than 17,000 soldiers coming from more than 30 nations, I am very proud to serve my 3rd tour in KOSOVO for the next year. My mission will be to ensure a safe and secure environment with your collective help to restore confidence. These figures symbolize the efforts of the international community to strengthen the peace process in KOSOVO. For all of us it is essential to ensure:

  • No surprises on the ground,
  • No limit to our common investment,
  • No firm layout and to be reactive,

Beyond that, let me remind you of KEY 4 points:

Key period to support UNMIK in a peaceful trend,
Forceful troops, vigilant well informed, sharing intelligence and able to anticipate,
Operational force fitted to cope with the challenges ahead,
Reactive structure able to communicate with all and to protect minorities

And a daily example of discipline, calm radiating smile, serenity and efficiency