KFOR Chronicle
Hospital for All
By CAPT Ahmed EL HAJJI Moroccan Army, Press Officer

The Moroccan hospital in Kosovo first opened in December 1999. Its mission has always been clear: to treat patients from all communities in Kosovo.
Five years after its activation, the hospital achieves its mission of by delivering free services that cover a broad spectrum of needs.

Though emergency services account for the majority of medical care, Moroccan doctors also provide cardiology, pediatrics and surgery. From a public health point of view, the hospital is a success. Twenty-two doctors and 122 personnel care for 100 to 150 patients each day. This demonstrates a high level of KFOR commitment and demonstrates the need for permanent medical capabilities in Kosovo.

Doctors work closely with Moroccan welfare officers, who meet people facing difficulties. Thanks to their knowledge of the situation, these officers are able to quickly organize distribution of clothing, food, medicines, and also arrange limited at-home consultations.

This is achieved through close cooperation with CIMIC units, the military hospital, international organizations and the local administration.

The hospital has also welcomed Kosovo’s future: in 5 years, more than 1,800 children were born in this open-to-all hospital.