KFOR Chronicle
GNO total success!!!
OF1 Tara Buonaiuto, US NSE

From the youngest attendee to the oldest, twenty-five women from different socioe-conomic, moral, and cultural backgrounds grouped together Saturday night, 28 August 2004, at HQ KFOR, Film City, to participate in the first ever GNO (Girls Night Out). In a community with a male majority, KFOR women shared stories, dreams, and ideas to help each other succeed while deployed to KFOR.

All the women in attendance represented countries from around the globe - France, Germany, Ireland, Romania, the United Kingdom, Denmark, the United States.

It was very interesting to have many women representing different nations sit down together to compare notes! Each woman present stood and introduced their neighbor to the rest of the girls in the group. Around Film City, women, like the men, are busy with work, and often do not have work environments where other women are present. The time set-aside just for the ladies to get to know one another on this occasion was very special. Now, instead of the women just exchanging smiles when passing, they know one another's names and have initiated lasting friendships.

The Film City dining facility did a fantastic job preparing the delicious food and set out linen and candles for the celebration. The success of the evening was evident in the laughter exploding from the tables. The men were not totally excluded from the events of the evening! After the ladies-only dinner, the women joined the men at the German Ark for another big party. The GNO was a total success!