KFOR Chronicle

To all KFOR members

Letter of Commendation

At the beginning of my tour, let me express my deepest satisfaction, pride and honour to serve you and NATO as the ninth Commander of the Kosovo Force.

I want to congratulate and thank you for the outstanding parade and change of command ceremony on the 1st of September. It reflected in a brilliant way not only your professionalism and willingness to fulfill our mission but also your daily commitment to provide the safe and secure environment the kosovar population is expecting from us.

On that particular occasion you projected an image of a strong, cohesive and determined team; clearly showing to everyone that despite various origins, the sharing of a common ideal can overcome difficulties.

Lieutenant-General Kammerhoff told me about the excellent way you perform your duty, about your constant attention towards all communities of Kosovo, I know you will go on doing all your best to reach our common goal:

"Restore confidence in Kosovo"

Commander Kosovo Force
LTG Yves de Kermabon