KFOR Chronicle
Danish Battalion Change of Command
By LT Oleksandr Tretiak, Ukrainian Navy
Photos by Armend Aqifi

This month was rich in things like transfer of authority, so did happened in Danish battalion. Colonel Tom Stoltenberg officially took command of MNB (NE) Danish component on the 13th of August 2004. The Change of Command ceremony took place in the Danish Battalion, located in Donje Zabare, close to Mitrovica.

General Lafontaine handed over the command of the Danish battalion from colonel Lawes to colonel Stoltenberg. During his speech, Brigadier General Etienne Lafontaine expressed his pleasure to congratulate the Danish battalion, and in particular his commander Colonel Lawes, for the excellent jod he had carried out. He also wished good luck to the new commanding Officer Colonel Stoltenberg.

At the parade that day, the Danish battalion, Team 11, took over from Team 10. Colonel Tom Stoltenberg promised that the Team 11 would continue the good work that Team 10 had done within the last 6 month. He also added that they would actively, and in conjunction with the Multinational Brigade North-East, work hard to ensure a safe and secure environment, in which the Kosovars and the international organizations can work together, in order to find a political solution for the future of Kosovo, where the different ethnic groups can live together in peace.

He also emphasized on the multinationality of the Danish Battalion because the battalion consists of soldiers from Estonia, Lithuania, France and Denmark. This is very positive because together they form a good mixture of military and cultural background. Colonel Stoltenberg’s excellent military background permits him to command the Danish component that, as he said, would conduct its mission in a firm, but friendly manner.

After the ceremony and press-conference for local media, a lunch was offered by all the nations of the battalion.