KFOR Chronicle
The KFOR HQ Medical Center In Winter Time
By Lt MD Filippo La Rosa It. Navy

At the end of December a new Italian medical team (Chief, LT MD IT Navy Filippo La Rosa, seven physician assistants and two ambulance drivers from the Italian Navy, Air Force and Army) arrived in the KFOR HQ of Pristina.

Medical centre in HQ KFOR is a battalion level aid station that manages and implementes immediate measures to restore and stabilize vital functions, and prepare patients for further evacuation.
For emergency, the medical centre has medical personnel 24 hours a day , 7 days a week to accomplish the primary mission. It is open for sick call from Monday to Saturday in the morning (08.30-12.00) and in the afternoon (15.00-18.00) and on Sunday afternoon (15.30-17.30).

Besides first aid, the Centre performs, general medical visits and preventive medicine (vaccinations for all peacekeepers, medical examinations for food handlers and firefighters, conferences on main diseases). With cooperation of the other KFOR field hospitals we perform specialized studies .

Doc La Rosa remembers the experience of this three months in Kosovo. "It has been very important for me and my team and very rich, from a personal point of view. We saw the HQ KFOR Medical Centre improve in the logistic field and become a cornerstone for all civilian and military people of HQ. All patients which I treat left a sign on my heart, but I will remember for all my life the patients, whose lives we saved. An old saying comes to my mind "who saves a life, saves all the world".