Operation Joint Endeavour

(IFOR - 20 Dec. 1995 - 20 Dec. 1996)

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This part of the website provides an archive of information relating to NATO's role in bringing peace to the former Yugoslavia (NATO Basic Fact Sheet) under the NATO-led Implementation Force (IFOR - Operation Joint Endeavour - 20 Dec. 1995 - 20 Dec. 1996) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (NATO Basic Fact Sheet)


For in depth information, a complete list of basic documents is available, including the General Framework Agreement ("Dayton Agreement") and a list of abbreviations.

A complete archive of all transcripts of the IFOR Joint Press Briefings from 1 January 1996 until 21 December 1996 is available as well as related documents issued by the UN.


Maps depicting the situation in the former Yugoslavia during Operations Joint Endeavour (IFOR).


Photos provide further insights into the activities of IFOR and events relating to the implementation of the Bosnian Peace Agreement.

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