ISAF Regional Command Structure

The regional commands coordinate all regional civil-military activites conducted by the military elements of the Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs) in their area of responsibility, under operational control of ISAF.

Each regional command is assumed by a lead nation and is composed of:

  • a Command and Control (C2) Headquarters; and
  • a Forward Support Base (FSB) that are essential logistic installations, created to provide supply, medical and transport hub in each region to assist the PRTs in their mission to extend the Government of Aghanistan’s authority. 

There are currently 5 regional commands:

Regional Command North - RC(N)
There are 5 PRTs under RC(N)’s command.

Lead nation: Germany
C2 HQ:    Mazar-e-Sharif (Germany)
FSB: Mazar-e-Sharif (Germany)


Regional Command West - RC(W)
There are 4 PRTs under RC(W)’s command.

Lead nation: Italy
C2 HQ:    Herat (Italy)
FSB: Herat (Spain)
Commander: Brig. Gen. R. Castellano (IT)


Regional Command Capital - RC(C)
Since 6 August 2006, Regional Command Capital is the new name given to the former Kabul Multinational Brigade. The name change brought the Kabul area in line with the ISAF structure in place in the rest of Afghanistan.

There is no PRT in RC(C)

Lead nation: France
C2 HQ:    Kabul (France)
FSB: Kabul International Airport (KAIA) (Hungary)
Commander: Brig. Gen. M. Druart


Regional Command South - RC(S)

There are 4 PRTs under RC(S)’s command.

Lead nation: The Netherlands
C2 HQ:    Kandahar (UK)
FSB: Kandahar Airfield
Commander: Major General Mart de Kruif

Regional Command East – RC(E)

There are 13 PRTs under RC(E)’s command.

Lead nation: United States
C2 HQ:    Bagram (US)
FSB: Bagram (US)
Commander: Maj. Gen. J. Schloesser (USA)