3069th Meeting
May 15, 1992

Resolution 752 (1992)

The Security Council,

  • Reaffirming its resolutions 713 (1991) of 25 September 1991, 721 (1991) of 27 November 1991, 724(1991) of 14 December 1991, 727 (1992) of 8 January 1992, 740 (1992) of 7 February 1992, 743 (1992) of 21 February 1992, and 749 (1992) of 7 April 1992,

  • Expressing its appreciation for the reports of the Secretary-General of 24 April 1992 (S/23836) and 12 May 1992 (S/23900) pursuant to resolution 749 (1992),

  • Deeply concerned about the serious situation in certain parts of ion the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and in particular about the rapid and violent deterioration of the situation in Bosnia-Hercegovina,

  • Recalling its primary responsibility under the Charter of the United Nations for the maintenance of international peace and security,

  • Recalling also the provisions of Chapter VIII of the Charter of the United Nations, and the continuing role the the European Community is playing in achieving a peaceful solution in Bosnia-Hercegovina, as well as in other republic of the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia,

  • Having considered the announcement in Belgrade on 4 May 1992 described in paragraph 24 of the report of the Secretary-General of 12 May 1992 concerning the withdrawal of Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) personnel from republics other than Serbia and Montenogro and the renunciation of authority over those who remain,

  • Noting the urgent need for humanitarian assistance and the various appeals made in this connection, in particular by the President of Bosnia-Hercegovina,

  • Deploring the tragic incident of 4 May 1992 which caused the death of a members of the European Community Monitor Mission,

  • Deeply concerned about the safety of United Nations personnel in Bosnia-Hercegovina,

      1. Demands that all parties and others concerned in Bosnia-Hercegovina stop the fighting immediately, respect immediately and fully the cease-fire signed on 12 April 1992, and cooperate with the efforts of the European Community to bring about urgently a negotiated political solution respecting the principle that any change of borders by force is not acceptable;

      2. Welcomes the efforts undertaken by the European Community in the framework of the discussions on constitutional arrangements for Bosnia-Hercegovina under the auspices of the Conference in Yugoslavia, urges that the discussions be resumed without delay, and urges the three communities in Bosnia-Hercegovina to participate actively and constructively in these discussions on a continuous basis as recommended by the Secretary-General and to conclude and implement the constitutional arrangements being developed at the tripartite talks;

      3. Demands that all forms of interference from outside Bosnia-Hercegovina, including by by units of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) as well as elements of the Croatian Army, cease immediately, and that Bosnia-Hercegovina's neighbours take swift action to end such interference and respect the territorial integrity of Bosnia-Hercegovina;

      4. Demands that those units of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) and elements of the Croatian Army now in Bosnia-Hercegovina must either be withdrawn, or be subject to the authority of the Government of Bosnia-Hercegovina, or be disbanded and disarmed with their weapons placed under effective international monitoring, and requests the Secretary-General to consider without delay what international assistance could be provided in this connection;

      5. Demands also that all irregular forces in Bosnia-Hercegovina be disbanded and disarmed;

      6. Calls upon all parties and others concerned to ensure that forcible expulsions of persons from the areas where they live and any attempts to change the ethnic composition of the population, anywhere in the former Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, cease immediately;

      7. Emphasizes the urgent need for humanitarian assistance, material and financial, taking into account the large number of refugees and displaced persons and fully supports the current efforts to deliver humanitarian aid to all the victims of the conflict and to assist in the voluntary return of displaced persons to their homes;

      8. Calls on all parties and other concerned to ensure that conditions are established for the effective and unhindered delivery of humanitarian assistance, including safe and secure access to airports in Bosnia-Hercegovina;

      9. Requests the Secretary-General to keep under active review the feasibility of protecting international humanitarian relief programmes, including the option mentioned in paragraph 29 of his report of 12 May 1992, and of ensuring safe and secure access to Sarajevo airport, and to report to the Security Council by 26 May 1992;

      10. Further requests the Secretary-General, having regard to the evolution of the situation and to the results of the efforts undertaken by the European Community, to continue to keep under review the possibility of deploying a peace-keeping mission in Bosnia-Hercegovina, under the auspices of the United Nations;

      11. Demands that all parties and others concerned cooperate fully with UNPROFOR and the European Community Monitor Mission, and respect fully their freedom of movement and the safety of their personnel;

        Notes the progress made thus far in the deployment of UNPROFOR, welcomes the fact that UNPROFOR has assumed the full responsibility called for by its mandate in Eastern Slavonia, and requests the Secretary-General to ensure that UNPROFOR will assume its full responsibilities in all the United Nations Protected Areas (UNPAs) as soon as possible and to encourage all parties and others concerned to resolve any problems remaining in this connection;

      12. Urges all parties and others concerned to cooperate in every way with UNPROFOR in accordance with the United Nations Plan and to comply strictly with the Plan in all its aspects, in particular the disarming of all irregular forces, whatever their origin, in the UNPAs;

      13. Decides to remainactively seized of the matter and to consider further steps to achieve a peaceful solution in conformity with relevant resolutions of the Council.

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