Updated: 29-Sep-2016  
NOV 2016
110th Main Group Meeting AC/135
Bruxelles, Belgium
15-17 November 2016
OCT 2016
128th Panel A Meeting AC/135
Capellen, Luxembourg
4-6 October 2016
SEP 2016
TSWG Meeting AC/135
Glasgow, Scotland
27-29 September 2016
53rd BSC Meeting AC/135
Vienna, Austria
13-15 September 2016

The meeting was hosted by Austrian NCB
MAY 2016
109th Main Group Meeting AC/135
NSPA, Capellen, Luxembourg
24-26 May 2016

15th Pacific Area Cataloging Seminar (PACS)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
10-12 May 2016

Courteously organized by Malaysian NCB. PACS is the forum for exchange of best practices in using the NCS (NATO Codification System), training and sharing cataloguing experience.
MAR 2016
127th Panel A Meeting AC/135
NSPA Southern Operational Centre (SOC), Taranto, Italy
08-10 March 2016

53 representatives from 35 nations around the world participated in that meeting. One major topic was the modernization of the codification data exchange formats by gradually moving to a XML platform with the central support given by NSPA.
The participants also had the opportunity to visit SOC and to become familiar with its operational capabilities.

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