NATO Ground Moving Target Indicator Format (GMTIF)


The GMTI standard defines the data content and format for the products of ground moving target indicator radar systems. It also provides the mechanism to relay tasking requests back to the sensor system. The format is scalable to allow all types of radar systems to use the format and tailor the data flow to the capabilities of the sensor and the available communications channels. Smaller systems can use the basic capabilities of the format to transmit only moving target reports. Larger, more capable systems can use the same format for the moving target reports, and also provide high range resolution data, and other products of extended processing of the radar returns. The format is also designed to be encapsulated in either STANAG 4545 or STANAG 7023 data files, allowing users with multiple data types to use the GMTI format for the GMTI data, and the other STANAGs for imagery, graphics, and/or text data, all within a common data stream


STANAG  4607 and  the companion Allied Publication AEDP-7, the implementation guide, are releasable in the public domain


Edition 1,
Promulgated as NSA/2051-AIR/4607, dated 11 March 05
Editorial Edition 2, Promulgated as NSA0749(2007)-JAS/4607, dated 02 August 07
Edition 3, Promulgated as NSA1002(2010)-JAS/4607, dated 14 September 2010
English version (PDF - 412 KB)
4607 Compendium of Extensions - (.DOC - 440KB)

Edition 1,
(PDF/1.3 MB), Promulgated on 29 April 2008

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