NCS College 2017 NATO Codification System (NCS) College 2017
To be held at NSPA, Luxembourg

NCS Course for Logisticians and Managers
9 October – 13 October 2017

NCS Course for Codifiers
16 October – 27 October 2017
World Codification Forum 2017 World Codification Forum
Theme "Connecting Global Logistics Through Technology"
24 - 25 May 2017, Melbourne, Australia

Join us to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Group of National Directors on Codification – NATO Allied Committee 135 (1957-2017)
E-learning of the NCS (Web-based Training).

5 online training courses available (en/fr).

Copyright DAPA - National Codification Bureau of Korea (NCB KOR).
Sample of NCS Training Courses available.

Interested parties should always contact their Home NCB first to confirm what training is available locally.
Most recent "Newsletter AC/135" in PDF format, released twice per year.
Online Subscription
The NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics (NMCRL).

Overall information on NMCRL-WEB / NMCRL-OFFLINE and subscription.
More Info .....
The NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics on Internet (NMCRL-WEB).

Specific information (data contents and annual subscription prices).
ACodP-2/3 Multilingual ACodP-2/3 online (public website).

This online tool contains data on NATO Classification (ACodP-2) and Item Names (ACodP-3) with definitions equivalent to the United States H2 and H6 in 20 different languages
NCAGE request CAGE/NCAGE Code Search & Request (for NATO and non-NATO entities) online (public website)
Addresses and Contacts of NATO, Tier 2, Tier 1 nations

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