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Updated: 09 Jan 2014

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The NATO Master Catalogue of References for Logistics on Internet :

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English User Guide

NMCRL-WEB Tutorial

English User Guide

NMCRL Flyer: the Marketing of a Codification System

NMCRL-WEB is an interactive online codification screening application with same features / data as on NMCRL-DVD product
+ display of items' CHARACTERISTICS DATA in coded and decoded format + drawings
+ display of items' CUSTOM CODES (Harmonized System 'HS' & Schedule B Numbers)
+ display of items' COMMON PROCUREMENT VOCABULARY (CPV) codes
display of items' PACKAGING DATA

+ display of items' IMAGES for References and/or NSN

  • 17.8 million NATO Stock Numbers (NSNs)
  • 35.7 million Manufacturers or Vendor Reference (Part) Numbers
  • 2.6 million Manufacturers and Vendors (NCAGE codes, names and addresses)
  • 27.6 million User Registrations
  • 11 million NSNs with TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS DATA display, of which 1.7% have drawings
  • 4.4 million NSNs with PACKAGING DATA display
  • 9.5 million NSNs with CUSTOM CODES display (HS & Schedule B)
  • 13.7 million NSNs with CPV CODES display


  • <ITEM OF SUPPLY> : Search on all codification data codes/names cross-related to the Item of Supply (NSN)
  • <CHARACTERISTICS> : Item of Supply identification using Technical Characteristics Data
  • <NCAGE> : Search on complete Manufacturer and Vendor data (addresses and related codes)
  • <BATCH> : Automatic extraction of grouped codification data from a predefined list of data


  • BASIC Mode (i.e. for non-experts users with mostly plain text display instead of NCS codes)

Annual Subscription Prices

The following pricing table is applicable as of 01 JAN 2014 :



up to 5 users

up to 20 users

NMCRL-WEB 800 € 1630 € 3150 €
NMCRL-DVD 900 € 1790 € 3580 €
NMCRL-PACK* 1025 € 2050 € 4000 €

*NMCRL-PACK = WEB access + 6 DVD updates per yearly subscription

New Features and Benefits of NMCRL-WEB online application

  • Multilingual user interface
  • Inquiry mode choice BASIC vs ADVANCED mode
  • Technical Characteristics data display (coded and decoded format)
  • Search by Technical Characteristics
  • PACKAGING DATA display
  • IMAGES display for References and/or NSN
  • Custom Codes display (Harmonized System 'HS' & Schedule B numbers)
  • 24 hours 7 days a week internet access from any location in the word (authorized users may access the program from anywhere at anytime through their favourite web browser)
  • No periodical software installation/setup procedure on local computer
  • Codification data is updated more frequently (weekly)

Dissemination of NMCRL-WEB data - Copyright AC/135

Copyright AC/135 Copyright AC/135 - All rights reserved

The NMCRL-WEB application is for authorized use only ! Copy and/or further dissemination with or without remuneration in whole or in part is not permitted. A subscription to NMCRL-WEB is intended solely for the use of the subscriber. Subscribers agree that they will not share or reveal their login User ID and Password to others.

Questions ?

If you have any questions regarding the new NMCRL-WEB application, please do not hesitate to contact the NATO Support Agency (NSPA).

Postal Address :

NATO Support Agency (NSPA)
Codification Support Section (LB-SC)
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Administrative Support (Subscription, billing, login) :

Phone : +(352) 3063-6748 or 6145
Fax : +(352) 3063-4748
E-Mail :
Technical Support :

Phone : +(352) 3063-6898 or 6691
Fax : +(352) 3063-4898
E-Mail :

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