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SFOR converts to alphanumeric code

By Sgt. Kerensa Hardy
First published in
SFOR Informer#116, June 27, 2001

The current SFOR colour/letter threat-level code will convert to a NATO system beginning next month.

Camp Butmir - Effective July 1, SFOR will change from its current colour-coded alert states to the NATO system for threat status.
"While the SFOR alert state provided a detailed mechanism for force protection purposes, they are unique to the BiH theatre and currently do not correspond to the NATO alert state," said Canadian Lt. Col. Guy Savard, SFOR provost marshal.
The NATO system - which is geared toward anti-terrorist strikes on military installations for a stable host country - uses four alert levels which will be implemented July 1. However, the NATO alert states does not make provisions for movement or dress codes so it had to be adjusted to include those two items.
"There is no mention of how to operate outside the military camp or base," Savard said. "Additionally, provisions were also required for SFOR movement and dress codes in order to meet a lesser threat."
Two codes - one movement and one dress - have been added to the alert state. Code 6 allows commanders to authorise unrestricted vehicle travel within their respective multinational divisions. This will permit one person to ride alone without weapons or communications and grant permission to use public transportation. The other five movement codes remain the same.
Code F will be limited to off-duty personnel and allows them to wear civilian clothes outside SFOR installations. Dress codes are currently colour-coded; they will change to letter designation effective July 1. The other five codes are unchanged.

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