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24 Oct. 2005


STOPWATCH 2, Debate 2:
The future of the Balkans and the Alliance's engagement in the region

24 October 2005

NATO in the Balkans
Stopwatch : A special interactive video forum series with Jamie Shea

At an important time for the Balkans, and as talks on Kosovo’s future are set to begin, Jamie Shea hosts a panel of experts to discuss the future of the Alliance’s engagement in the region.

Does NATO need to maintain its current troop levels in the region? At a sensitive time for Kosovo, is the Alliance ready to handle sudden outbreaks of violence, such as the riots in March last year?

Moderated by Mr. Jamie Shea

The experts taking part were:

  • M. Nicholas Whyte - Europe Program Director, International Crisis Group, Brussels
  • M. Chris Bennett - NATO Review Editor
Full STOPWATCH video
Video in parts:  

Part 1: Bosnia ten years on


Part 2: The future of relations with Serbia, question of Kosovo


Part 3: Albania and beyond

Transcript of the video forum - Audio version: .MP3/15299Kb