Updated: 23-Sep-2004 Video Interviews


15 Sept. 2004


NATO's expanding role in Afghanistan

Video interview with Diego Ruiz-Palmer,
Head of the Planning Section, Operations Division, NATO HQ

Diego Ruiz-Palmer talks about how the Alliance is expanding its presence on the ground in Afghanistan, and the support that NATO will provide for the conduct of the October elections. He also talks about the way ahead for NATO in Afghanistan and the Alliance's posisiton on key issues, such as the drugs trade.


At the Istanbul Summit in June this year, NATO announced a significant expansion of its presence in Afghanistan. How is this progressing? 1400Kb
The Alliance also announced plans to support the Afghan authorities in providing security for the electoral process. What will this entail? 1814Kb
When will these measures be put into place? 425Kb
In practice, what will NATO's role be? Will NATO troops be guarding polling stations? 1036Kb
How do you see as the way ahead for NATO in Afghanistan? 2058Kb
The drug trade is obviously a major problem, what is NATO's position on this issue? 1656Kb
NATO took command of the international Security Assistance Force in August 2003, what are some of the achievements that you would say have been made since then? 2263Kb
Transcript of the interview - Audio version: .MP3/6333Kb