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24 Mar 2004

Working for NATO

Video interview with Catherine Vendat
Deputy Assistant Secretary General
for Human and Financial Resources

In this video interview, Ms. Vendat, the Deputy Assistant Secretary General for Human and Financial Resources, talks about how NATO is improving the working conditions for its staff, what qualities are needed to be a member of NATO staff, loyalty to the Organization and ones nation, and how managers' approach to human resource is changing at NATO.

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How many people are actually on the NATO payroll? 540Kb
What are the main objectives of the current reforms at NATO regarding recruitment policy, contracts, working conditions? 662Kb
The staff at NATO is a mixture of people employed by the organization, and those seconded by their government. And yet they are all supposed to owe their loyalty to NATO itself, not to their governments. Does this not cause problems? 491Kb
What are the most important qualities needed to be a member of the NATO staff? 595Kb
Will there be an increase in the size of the staff as NATO enlarges and takes on new missions? 623Kb
It seems to be fashionable these days to talk about human resources instead of personnel or staff. Does this new terminology actually change anything in terms of how managers view employees? 1637Kb
Quel a été votre réaction comme femme française, lorsque vous avez appris que vous étiez sélectionnés pour être à la tête de ce département de l'OTAN? 1219Kb
Transcript of the interview - Audio version: .MP3/3547Kb