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5 June 2003

The new security environment

Interview with Chris Donnelly,
Special Advisor to the Secretary General
for Central and Eastern Europe

In this video interview, Mr. Donnelly talks about the new types of security threats and challenges that NATO faces today. He explains how the definitions of security and security threats are changing, the reasons for these changes, and their implications for NATO.

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Which factors do you think have the greatest impact on the security of NATO member countries today? 806Kb
How are conflicts and security changing? 1048Kb
What are the main reasons for these changes? 1887Kb
Does the information revolution have an impact on the security environment? 1120Kb
New definitions of threats and security 787Kb
What are the military implications of this changing security environment? 789Kb
What are the implications for NATO and other international organisations? 877Kb
Do you also see wider implications, beyond NATO, beyond military? 1236Kb
Implications for the economy and corporate sector 1052Kb
Transcript of the interview - Audio version: .MP3/5373Kb

The ideas in this video interview are further expanded upon in a paper on Security in the 21st Century: New Challenges and New Responses in which Mr. Donnelly gives his personal opinions on the changing security environment in which we live today.

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