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NATO Defence Ministers' Meetings

7 June 2001

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Family Portrait

Back left to right: Dr, János Szabó (Minister of Defence, Hungary) and Ambassador Gunnar Pálsson (Permanent Representative to NATO for Iceland).
Front left to right: Mr. André Flahaut (Minister of Defence, Belgium) and NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson).
(NATO Photo 436Kb)

Left to right: NATO Secretary General, Lord Robertson; Mr. Frank de Grave (Minister of Defence, The Netherlands); Mr. Federico Trillo-Figueroa (Minister of Defence, Spain).
(NATO Photo 384Kb)

Back left to right: Mr. R. Scharping (Minister of Defence, Germany) and Mr. A. Tsohatzopoulos (Minister of Defence, Greece).
Front left to right: Mr. J Tvrdik (Minister of Defence, Czech Republic) and Mr.A. Eggleton (Minister of Defence, Canada).
(NATO Photo 492Kb)

Front row, left to right:
Jan Trœborg, Minister of Defence, Denmark
Jaroslav Tvrdík, Minister of Defence, Czech Republic
Arthur Eggleton, Minister of National Defence, Canada
André Flahaut, Minister of Defence, Belgium
Lord Robertson, NATO Secretary General
Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, United States
Ambassador David Manning, Permanent Representative, United Kingdom
Sabahattin Çakmakoglu, Minister of National Defence, Turkey
Federico Trillo-Figueroa Martínez Conde, Minister of Defence, Spain
Julio Castro Caldas, Minister of Defence, Portugal
Back row, left to right:
Alain Richard, Minister of Defence, France (not visible)
Rudolf Scharping, Federal Minister of Defence Germany
Apostolos Tsohatzopoulos, Minister of Defence, Greece
János Szabó, Minister of Defence, Hungary
Ambassador Gunnar Pálsson, Permanent Representative, Iceland
Sergio Mattarella, Minister of Defence, Italy
Charles Goerens, Minister of Defence, Luxembourg
Frank H.G. de Grave, Minister of Defence, The Netherlands
Oystein Singsaas, State Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Norway
Bronislaw Komorowski, Minister of Defence, Poland
(NATO Photo 455Kb)

Left to right: Mr. Júlio Castro Caldas (Minister of Defence, Portugal) with Mr. André Flahaut (Minister of Defence, Belgium).
(NATO Photo 397Kb)

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