Commander JHQ Centre,
Former Commander KFOR

Dr. Klaus Reinhardt
GE, Army

Dr. Klaus Reinhardt was born in Berlin on 15 January 1941. In 1960 he joined the German Bundeswehr as a cadet officer with the Mountain Infantry.

Klaus Reinhardt completed his officers training in 1963 and then served as a Platoon Leader with the 222 Mountain Infantry Battalion, Mittenwald, Bavaria. From October 1966 to October 1967 he was appointed the S3 officer (operations, training and organization) of the 222 Mountain Infantry Battalion.

In October 1967 Klaus Reinhardt started studying history and political sciences at the University of Freiburg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, and obtained his doctorate (Dr.phil) on 11 February 1972.

Dr. Klaus Reinhardt, promoted to Captain in 1968, continued his service as a Company Commander with the 221 Mountain Infantry Battalion at Mittenwald, Bavaria.

As a Major, Dr. Klaus Reinhardt participated in the 16th Command and General Staff Officer Course at the Command and General Staff College, Hamburg, starting on October 1973, followed by his participation in the U.S. Command and General Staff Officer Course at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

In October 1976 Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Klaus Reinhardt was appointed the G3 officer (operations, training and organization) with Headquarters CENTAG (Central Army Group) at Heidelberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg. From January 1978 to October 1980 Dr. Klaus Reinhardt served as the Personal Staff Officer with the Deputy Chief of Staff, Federal Armed Forces, Ministry of Defense, Bonn. He then was appointed Commanding Officer of the 231 Mountain Infantry Battalion till October 1982 followed by an appointment as the G3 officer (operations, training and organizations) with the First Mountain Division.

Promoted to Full Colonel in 1983, Dr. Klaus Reinhardt was the Senior Military Assistant to the Defense Minister, Dr. Manfred Woerner. In October 1986 he assumed command of the 23 Mountain Brigade at Bad Reichenhall , Bavaria.

He was promoted to Brigadier General on 1 October 1988. The same day Dr. Reinhardt took over as the Chief of Staff Section IV "Planning" (NATO forces, conception of the Federal Armed Forces, coordination of the budgetary means for the armed forces and planning management of armament) with the Armed Forces Staff at the Ministry of Defense, Bonn.

He became a Major General in October 1990, and commanded the Federal Armed Forces Command and Staff College at Hamburg from October 1990 until June 1993. During this period he also acted as the Vice President of the Clausewitz-Society and was a member in the Advisory Board of the Military Research Institute at Freiburg im Breisgau.

Promoted to Lieutenant General 1993, Dr. Klaus Reinhardt was the Commanding General of the III. (German) Corps at Koblenz. In April 1994 he took over as the Commander German Army Forces Command, also located at Koblenz, Rhineland-Palatinate. Dr. Klaus Reinhardt was promoted to General on 28 April 1998.

Since 29 April 1999, General Reinhardt is Commander Joint Headquarters Centre, formerly known as Headquarters Allied Land Forces Central Europe (LANDCENT), Heidelberg.

On 8 October 1999, he assumed command of the NATO-led Kosovo Force (KFOR) in Pristina, Kosovo, and was replaced by Lieutenant General Juan Ortuo on 18 April 2000.

General Dr. Klaus Reinhardt’s hobbies are skiing, mountain climbing, classical music as well as jazz and literature.