From the event

16 Apr. 2010

The new inspiring soul for the Multinational Battle Group West


The Combat Service and Support (CSS) Regiment (Rgt) of the Multinational Battle Group West (MNBG W) has a new inspiring “soul” since February 2010, when the 6th Manoeuvre Regiment replaced the 1st Transport Regiment in Camp “Villaggio Italia”.

The 6th Rgt is a Logistic Regiment stationed in the city of Pisa and it’s Headquarters is as far as a hundred meters from the “Miracoli” Square, home of the well known “leaning tower”. The 6th Rgt was formed on 1 September 2001; taking colors and traditions from the former CSS Battalion of the “Folgore” Airborne Brigade, which represents one of the elite infantry Brigade of the Italian Army.

The 6th Rgt as the “Folgore” CSS Battalion participated in the operations in Lebanon from 1982 to 1984 and from December 1992 in Somalia. Moreover, it was deployed in Bosnia from June 1996 to March 1997 and from April to September 1999.

The 6th Rgt participated as a part of the first Italian Contingent in operation “Antica Babilonia” from April 2003 to August 2003 in Iraq; and subsequently from February to August 2008 it was deployed, within the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) Contingent, in the operation “Leonte”.

The 6th Rgt has means and capabilities to perform maintenance and resupply activities as on the national level as well as in the multinational environment.

For the “Deterrent Presence” posture of KFOR, the Commanding Officer of the 6th Rgt, Colonel Nicola Mallardi, received the task to create a brand new, lighter framework unit which is capable of providing the closest, effective and efficient logistic support to the MNBG W. It became possible by taking the necessary capabilities from the other regiments of the Italian Logistic Brigade, creating a solid, cost-efficient and sensible unit. A unit is able to perform all the logistic activities, going from the transports to the medical care premises through the camp site management, to the national contingent materials supervisory office, provisioning office, dining facilities management etc.

The transport assets have been taken from the 8th Transport Regiment based in Udine, in the northeast corner of the Italian boot.

The 10th and the 8th Rgts have been serving with the 6th Rgt in other operational areas and their “brotherhood” comes with a strong bond made of friendship and respect which links the men belonging to the two units.

The national contingent materials supervisory office has been provided by the 10th Rgt, which has a 10-years experience on this extremely sensitive task in Kosovo.

It is an extraordinary emotion for a commander to look at a machine he has just “assembled”, test it while dealing with daunting challenges and see that it is fully proficient and it is working properly.

Story and photos by Captain Emiliano Bartolomei, Italian Army