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KFOR Chronicle July 2003

No 6


I am Brigadier General Rick Lynch, US Army. I have been assigned to HQ, KFOR for the past eleven months-first as the ACOS-OPS and now as the COS. I depart Kosovo on 26 July and would like to share some thoughts with you before I go.

KFOR Anniversary

On the 12th of June was the 4th anniversary of KFOR arrival in Kosovo. COMKFOR Lt.Gen. Fabio Mini, Special Representative of the Secretary General Michael Steiner, CinC South Admiral Gregory Johnson, President of Kosovo Ibrahim Rugova, Chiefs of liaison offices in Kosovo and political and military representatives attended the ceremony.

"Strength In Numbers"

Four-nations completed a humanitarian mission, which began three days prior but had been in the planning stages for four years

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Assistance Provided to Accident Victims

“As we were on the top of the hill approaching the town of Pristina, we saw what appeared to be a big dust cloud (it appeared as smoke from a distance), as the dust cloud dissipated there was a vehicle flipped over in the road”


Exercise "ODIN" By Battle Group BELUKROKO

From 12th June till 11th July 2003, integrated into the Danish battalion, Charlie Company of the multinational battle group BELUKROKO participates in the tactical reserve of the KFOR Commander (TACRES). This unit can be deployed on order of Lieutenant-General Fabio Mini. The unit can be in Kosovo within 12 hours.

New Commander at MNB SW

An official parade held at field camp Prizren marked the official change of Command from Brigadier General Markus Bentler (GE A) to Brigadier General Robert Bergmann (GE A)

New Commander at MNB NE

Multi-National Brigade Northeast Commander Brigadier General Michel Klein handed over his Command to Brigadier General Marc Bertucchi in a ceremony held on the Ibar bridge in Mitrovica on 26th May

Blace Bypass Under Control Of Border Police

The time has come to close the 34 TCC, which was located at Deneral Jankovic/Blace until 20th of June.
The 34 TCC was stationed in this location on Sep 18th 1999 and later it was reinforced by a Romanian Platoon (25 personnel). Its presence in the area, all these years, was crucial as it offered assistance into solving any problems that KFOR and UNMIK faced during the transportation of personnel and supplies when crossing the border.

Pristina Airport Security Handover

In 1999 Russian troops rolled into Pristina airport. It was a huge media event with the whole world watching the operation. It was also a historical event, being the first time Russia and NATO cooperated together. Now it is time to say good bye to the Russian contingent and thank them for successful operation in Kosovo.


Hungarian National Day In Film City

True to the traditions of the earlier missions, the soldiers of the Hungarian Peacekeeping Battalion, organized a remarkable Hungarian National Day on the 23rd May at KFOR HQ.


Kosovo Theater Surgeons Conference ‘03

Because of the rapid turnover here and the dispersion of our medical assets in Kosovo, it is vitally important that our Senior Medical Officers get together at least once during their tour to meet their colleagues and counterparts.

Medical Training “Bus Crash”

It was a beautiful evening on 3rd of June 2003. Finnish Army leave bus is on the way to the airport. Everyone is feeling good about the well-deserved leave. Meanwhile, at the airport, a soldier has consumed too much alcohol and decides to drive back. Just half a kilometer outside the airport, the driver loses control of his truck and collides into the leave bus causing a terrible accident.

The Show Goes On
Music festival in Mitrovica

A day full of music: that is what the youth got in Mitrovica on the 21st June!

They came from everywhere in the MNB- (NE) from the North, from the South, the hills of the east and the valleys of the west and probably even further. From primary schools, college, university… everyone had a place, a role to play in the Festival.

The North Atlantic Council

The North Atlantic Council (NAC) has effective political authority and powers of decision, and consists of Permanent Representatives of all NATO member countries meeting together at least once a week. The Council also meets at higher levels involving Foreign Ministers, Defense Ministers, or Heads of Government but it has the same authority and powers of decision-making and its decisions have the same status and validity, at whatever level it meets.


NAC Visit

On 26th of June NATO Secretary General, LORD George Robertson, with 26 NAC Ambassadors visited HQ KFOR. Commitment to Kosovo and appreciation for KFOR were the key points from the North Atlantic Committee delegation that visited KFOR.


A Place Of Peace, Calmness, And Prayer For Everyone

Finally after more than six months the new Multi-Religious facility in Film City, HQ KFOR is ready, and on June 20, at 1800 hours we had a successful opening ceremony. COMKFOR LTG F. Mini cut a blue and white ribbon and invited all the guest into the building. The newly started multi-ethnic choir gave their first performance at the ceremony. All together we were seven chaplains participating, and each of us had brought a religious symbol with us.

Opening Of Two Social Centers In MNB NE

After several weeks of work by the MNB(NE) CIMIC teams, two social centres were opened Friday 20th 2003. One is in the southern part of the city, next to the Cultural Centre, and another one in the North, is close to the Roma area.


Running Water In Dobrodeljane

People of the village of Dobrodeljane enjoy running water, thanks to the catalytic contribution of the Multinational Brigade Southwest


Shooting up to the point

A shiny medal was in everybody's mind when ten US and Finnish soldiers got together on the rifle range. The main idea for the US soldiers was to shoot and to handle the Finnish army 7.62 RK 95 -assault rifle, made by SAKO. The idea increased, and most of the US soldiers had a chance at shooting the Finnish rifle and a chance at winning the shooting medal.


Magneficient Turkish Night

Under the leadership of Turkish SNR, Col. Celal Pulat, all the Turkish Officers and NCO's assigned to the KFOR HQ held a festive "Turkish Night" on 10 May 2003. The evening was sponsored by the Task Force Dragash Battalion Commander, in conjunction with the Turkish Businessmen's Association in Kosova, and hosted by the Turkish NSE at Film City.


Deputy COMKFOR Major General Yves de Kermabon On Patrol With Swedish Soldiers

The 19th of June SWEBAT received a pleasant visit from the KFOR Deputy Commander, Major General Yves de Kermabon. The General, among other events, spent time with a foot patrol in Pristina. The General has a standing invitation to patrol together with SWEBAT, says Magnus Julihn, Commanding Officer of the Swedish Battalion.