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19-20 July 2004

Visit of the Military Committee to the Kosovo Force (KFOR)
on 19 – 20 JULY 2004

On 19 – 20 July 2004, the Military Committee will visit the Kosovo Force (KFOR). The Military Committee is NATO's highest military authority comprising the permanent military representatives of the NATO member countries in NATO Headquarters, Brussels.

This routine visit will focus on background briefings about the mission and current operations, as well as on future developments in the area. The Senior Representative of the UN Mission in Kosovo will also brief the Committee. It will then visit the Multinational Brigades for first-hand information.

This visit symbolises NATO's continuing strong commitment and support for all its missions in the Balkans, their achievements and future perspectives.

Note for the Media:

A Press Conference with General Harald Kujat, GEAR, Chairman of NATO’s Military Committee and Lieutenant General Holger Kammerhof, Commander, KFOR will take place on Tuesday, 20 July 2004 at 11h15 at Slatina Military Airport. Further details and confirmation of time through the KFOR Spokesperson.

Point of contact for media opportunities in HQ KFOR Main:

KFOR Spokesperson
Tel: +38 9 268 5514
Mobile: +377 044 31 0192
e-mail: pio@main.kfor.nato.int

or, NATO HQ for information about the Military Committee:
Office of the Public Information Adviser
International Military Staff
NATO Headquarters
Boulevard Leopold III
1110 – Brussels
tel: +322 707 5422
fax: +322 707 5713
e-mail: dims.pia@hq.nato.int

More information about the Military Committee may be found on the International Military Staff web site at www.nato.int/ims/home.htm

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