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This photostory has a few familiar - but also a few surprising - pictures outlining NATO and Russia's recent relationship. It aims to highlight some of the areas which have been challenging, including Ukraine and Syria. But it also illustrates some areas where, quietly and progressively, NATO and Russia are still working together in some key areas.
photostory Chicago 01
NATO was created by a treaty signed in Washington, DC in 1949. As NATO returns to the US 63 years later for its Chicago Summit, NATO Review highlights some of the key moments of the shared history of the Alliance and its biggest member.
Inside Out 2
Italian Minister of Defence, Admiral Giampaolo Di Paola, talks about switching from being at the heart of an international alliance to a minister in a national government.
ISAF-The_Mara_Wara_Bridge-October 2009
NATO’s Diego A. Ruiz Palmer analyses the 20 years of NATO operations that started in 1992 – and looks at how the ones over the next 20 years may look.
This 10 question quiz will find out how well you know the Alliance.
Daalder military
Ivo Daalder, US Ambassador to NATO, has crossed many divides. From being a European to an American, an academic to a diplomat - and more. Here he explains how it’s helped him at NATO
Sec Gen Worner
From NATO’s inception until now, the changing role of the Secretary General has been one of the more interesting transformations of the Alliance.
NATO meeting
Charles Kupchan of the Council of Foreign Relations outlines where NATO has to make some difficult decisions: Russia, consensus and global reach.
New File
So you know what NATO stands for. But how much more do you know about the Alliance? These 20 questions will test your knowledge on what it is and what it does.
James Pardew and Christopher Bennett examine how NATO's focus has shifted towards operations and the challenges ahead.
Mihai Carp assesses the challenges of and prospects for NATO's Afghan operation as the Alliance expands its presence in Afghanistan.
Maurits Jochems examines NATO's role in disaster relief in the wake of Hurricane Katrina and the South Asian earthquake.
Christian_ Schwarz_Schilling
Christian Schwarz-Schilling became High Representative of the international community in Bosnia and Herzegovina responsible for overseeing the Bosnian peace process on 1 February.
Alexia Mikhos examines the scale of the narcotics threat to Afghanistan and how it impacts NATO's operation there.
Gabriele Cascone and Joaquin Molina examine the coming year's prospects for the Western Balkans from a NATO perspective.
Siegfried Sassoon
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