8 Dec. 1997

PFP Workshop

Defence-Disaster-Development: Security in the Third Millennium

Prague 15th -16th December 1997

  1. The Czech Republic will host the PFP CEP Workshop on "Defence-Disaster-Development: Security in the Third Millennium" in Prague 15th and 16th December 1997. This PFP workshop to be opened by the Czech Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Karel Kovanda, will examine the linkage between Defence, Development and Disaster Preparedness (known as "D3").

  2. This PFP CEP workshop is part of the Individual Partnership Programme agreed between NATO and Czech Republic. The purpose of this workshop is to discover how defence and national security policy might be integrated in support of economic and social development, environmental management and disaster reduction. The workshop will provide a framework to explore the role, not just of the military but the entire defence establishment.

  3. This workshop is organized by the Czech Institute of International Relations and the Cranfield University and supported by the NATO Civil Emergency Planning Directorate. The workshop will be chaired by Professor Otto Pick, Director of the Czech Institute of International Relations.

  4. This workshop will bring together more than 50 NATO and Partner representatives engaged in D3 work. Work during these two days will focus on further development of presentations to be provided by : Dr. Ian Davis of the Oxford Centre for Disaster Studies. Karin von Hippell, Research Fellow and Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Defence Studies, King's College (London) and Dr. Francesco Palmeri, Director of Civil Emergency Planning, NATO.

  5. Participants to this workshop are drawn from academic, government and non government sectors and include representatives of 16 nations of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council as well as representatives of the United Nations.

  6. Journalists wishing further information on this workshop may contact Ms. Susan Pond tel. +32. 2. 707.4153 or Mr. Jiri Sedivy tel. +420.2.573.209.

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