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NATO Archives

NATO Documents Series

Description of the available material

The records available for consultation consist of chronological sets of documents issued by the International Staff and the NATO Military Authorities between 1949 and 1982. (NATO Document Series). Series consist of formal documents (in English and in French) issued by the various Committees and Working Groups arranged in the sequential numerical order of the type of paper: "A" for Agenda, "D" for Document, "M" for Memorandum, "N" for Note, "R" for Record, "VR" for Verbatim Record. These series can be accessed in the NATO Archives Reading Room either on CD-ROM, on microfilm or on paper.

  • NATO Civil Organisation Records


      1949-1952 :
      arranged according to bodies:

      North Atlantic Council, Council Deputies, Ministerial Committees, Military Production and Supply Board, Defence Production Board, Defence Financial and Economic Board, Financial and Economic Board, Ad Hoc Working Groups

      1952-1974 :
      arranged according to bodies within the following scheme¹
        1. Council, Private Office, Executive Secretariat, International Staff, Ministerial Committees
        2. Political Affairs & Legal Questions
        3. Information and Cultural Relations
        4. Economic Affairs
        5. Annual Review
        6. Defence Planning
        7. Defence Production
        8. Civil Emergency Planning
        9. Scientific Co-operation
        10. European Air Space Co-ordination
        11. Security
        12. Infrastructure
        13. Administration and Budget
  • NATO Military Organisation Records


      1949-1974 :
      arranged according to bodies:

      Defence Committee, Military Committee, Military Representatives Committee, Standing Group

  1. Series 7 to 13 are only available for consultation up to 1965