NATO Vacancies

Please find below a list of current vacancies for international civilian staff positions available in the various NATO locations world-wide.

For full details concerning a particular vacancy, please click on the links provided in the column “Title”. For information about the NATO Agency/Body concerned click on the column “NATO Body”. If the instructions on “How to apply” are not clearly indicated in the vacancy notice itself, then you should click on the column “NATO Body” and contact the Recruitment/Personnel Office concerned. Please note that the recruitment of personnel for each NATO Agency/Body is independent.


More information about vacancies and employment in other NATO Bodies (if not listed below), can be found on the list of “NATO Agencies and Commands”.

In order to have a geographical view of NATO locations, please click on the “worldmap”.

How to apply?

Please use the NATO Body's website link below to access the application form and other useful information.

Location NATO
Job Category Title Grade     Staff
Vacancy N°     
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAAdministrative SupportAdministrative Assistant, B-4B4007/2017Mar 09, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsConsultant - Counter IED Ukraine Trust Fund, CO7048 (Date Extension)A3-A401/2017Feb 24, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQCrisis ManagementOfficer - Operational Preparedness Section, Operations DivisionA4170002Feb 28, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQLinguisticsInterpreter - Interpretation and conference services - HQ Support and transformation - Executive ManagementI3170004Mar 03, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsTechnical Officer (A,H,M), LM-75A220/2017Mar 05, 2017
Belgium,Shape, MonsSHAPEProcurement and PurchasingAssistant Procurement B4B4B01/0117Feb 24, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsJunior Technician, LM-70B419/2017Mar 12, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsIMSInformation and Document ManagementAssistant Clerk Registration, DistributionB2170009Mar 09, 2017
The Netherlands,The HagueNCI Agency NL - HagueProgramme ManagementProject Analyst P3MA2170003Feb 21, 2017
The Netherlands,BrunssumHQ JFC BrunssumLegal AffairsLegal Advisor - OJN GSL 0030A4OJN GSL 0030Mar 15, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQProgramme ManagementProgramme Officer, Public Diplomacy Programme Management, Engagements Section, Office of the DASG, PDDA2-A3170023Mar 15, 2017
France,VersaillesNSPA, Central Europe Pipeline Programme (NSPA/CEPS)AdministrationOfficer (Administration), C-41A222/2017Mar 01, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsTechnical Officer, LW-91A2163A/2016Mar 02, 2017
Belgium,MonsNCI Agency BE - MonsConference SupportTechnician VTC 160599B4160599Mar 03, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALegal AffairsNSPO-NSPA Senior Legal Advisor, GJ-1A524/2017Feb 26, 2017
Belgium,MonsNCI Agency BE - MonsInformation Systems and TechnologyEngineer IT 160467A2160467Mar 03, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsNCI Agency BE - BrusselsInformation Systems and TechnologyPrincipal Assistant Cyber Security 170021B5170021Mar 08, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQOperationsOfficer, Civil Transportation Preparedness and Planning - Civil Preparedness, Operations DivisionA3-A4170035Mar 14, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsChief of Group, S-94A226/2017Mar 06, 2017
Belgium,Shape, MonsSHAPECommunicationsA2_ENGINEER_REQUIREMENTS MANAGEMENT_A0217A2A02/0217Mar 17, 2017
Belgium,Shape, MonsSHAPECommunicationsB4_TECHNICIAN INFORMATION ASSURANCE_B0217B4B02/0217Mar 03, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsChief of Team (JLSG HQ), S-96B525/2017Mar 06, 2017
Belgium,Shape, MonsSHAPEAdministrationA2_GENDER ADVISOR_A0317A2A03/0217Feb 24, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQProcurement and PurchasingOfficer - Category Management - Procurement Service - Office of Financial ControlA2170025Mar 22, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQMedical or SocialMedical Adviser Medical Service Human Resources Executive ManagementA3170031Mar 22, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQEngineeringOfficer, Communication Network Infrastructure, CAPABILITY IMPLEMENTATION BRANCH, NATO OFFICE OF RESOURCESA4170032Mar 27, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsSenior Clerk, LD-80B328/2017Mar 08, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAAdministrationChief of Office (SPC Secretary and Administrative Assistant), LD-173A329/2017Mar 15, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQAdministrationHEAD - SECRETARIAT and FINANCE, NATO OFFICE OF RESOURCESA5170033Mar 27, 2017
Italy,RomeNDCAdministrationDivision Head (Research)A5NDC 01-2017Mar 09, 2017
The Netherlands,BrunssumNCI Agency NL - BrunssumLogisticsTechnician MetallurgyB3170036Mar 13, 2017
The Netherlands,The HagueNCI Agency NL - HagueAdministrationAdministrative Assistant 170022B3170022Mar 10, 2017
Belgium,MonsNCI Agency BE - MonsHuman ResourcesSenior Assistant HR Interim Workforce CapacityB4170039Mar 10, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAInformation Systems and TechnologySenior Systems Analyst, IT-80A332/2017Mar 13, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPAInformation Systems and TechnologySystems Engineer, IT-126A231/2017Mar 13, 2017
Belgium,BrusselsInternational Staff, NATO HQInformation Systems and TechnologyAnalyst ICT Requests - Customer Support - Business Relationship Management - Information Communication and Technology MgtB4-B5170038Mar 17, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsTechnician (Ammunition), LB114-115B534/2017Mar 15, 2017
The Netherlands,The HagueNCI Agency NL - HaguePrinting and GraphicsJunior Technician Reproduction 170062B2170062Mar 16, 2017
Belgium,MonsNCI Agency BE - MonsOperationsPrincipal Assistant Operations and ExerciseB5170047Mar 18, 2017
Italy,La SpeziaCMREScienceA1 Modelling and Simulation - ADVERTISEMENT - 170064A1170064Mar 06, 2017
Italy,La SpeziaCMREScienceA1 Modelling and Simulation - ADVERTISEMENT - 170056A1170056Mar 06, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsChief of Section, LM-101A341/2017Mar 20, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsJunior Technician (MLRS - Configuration Management), LM-17B436/2017Mar 20, 2017
Luxembourg,CapellenNSPALogisticsTechnical Officer (MLRS - Operational Software), LM-221A237/2017Mar 20, 2017

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