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3 Oct. 2016

NATO Deputy Secretary General discusses risk reduction and military transparency at OSCE conference

NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow outlined key steps needed to strengthen the Euro-Atlantic security system in a speech at the OSCE Security Days conference in Vienna on Monday (3 October 2016). Participating in a panel discussion on ‘Preventing and Managing Close Military Encounters in Times of Crisis’, Ambassador Vershbow stressed the importance of modernising the Vienna Document on military transparency.

12 May. 2016

''Defending our nations from ballistic missile threats'' - Opinion piece by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

20 Apr. 2016

NATO Secretary General stresses the importance of political dialogue after NATO-Russia Council

Speaking at the press point following the NATO-Russia Council today (20 April), NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg underlined that “political dialogue among nations that share the same Euro-Atlantic area is both necessary and useful, especially in times of tension as we experience now. However, this does not mean that we are back to business as usual”.

14 Apr. 2016

Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow reaffirms support for Ukraine at Kyiv Security Forum

Speaking at the Kyiv Security Forum on Thursday (14 April), NATO Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow focused on NATO’s response to Russia’s aggression and on the Alliance’s support to Ukraine’s efforts to reform its defence forces and democratic institutions.

8 Apr. 2016

Statement by the Secretary General on NATO-Russia Council meeting

Following consultations with Russia, we have agreed to hold a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council at Ambassadorial level.

13 Feb. 2016

NATO Secretary General calls for more defence and more dialogue

In a ‎keynote speech at the Munich Security Conference, NATO Secretary General focused on the security challenges stemming from the East. He made clear that the Alliance does not seek confrontation and does not want a new Cold War, but will respond firmly. He made clear that the response lies with "both more defence and more dialogue."

30 Jan. 2016

Statement by the NATO Secretary General on Russian air space violation

A Russian combat aircraft violated Turkish airspace yesterday, despite repeated warnings by the Turkish authorities. Previous incidents have shown how dangerous such behaviour is.

17 Dec. 2015

Secretary General and Ukrainian President discuss security challenges, NATO-Ukraine cooperation

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko met on Thursday (17 December 2015) to discuss ongoing security challenges in Ukraine and the partnership between the Alliance and Kiev. After the meeting, Mr. Stoltenberg affirmed that NATO stands by Ukraine politically and practically, and that as the country works to strengthen its security and institutions, it has “a committed friend and partner in NATO”.

22 Sep. 2015

Ukraine can rely on NATO, Secretary General says in visit to Kiev

Ukraine can count on the Alliance’s continued political and practical support, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told members of Ukraine’s National Security and Defence Council on Tuesday (22 September 2015) in Kiev. “In these difficult times, Ukraine can rely on NATO,” he said.

19 Aug. 2015

Statement by acting NATO spokesperson on the situation in eastern Ukraine

Today, NATO Allies discussed the situation in eastern Ukraine. Allies expressed their serious concern about the recent sharp escalation of violence.

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