NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization


What is NATO?

An online multimedia experience explaining what NATO is, what it does, how it works, what is on its agenda and key links for more information.


NATO on Duty

Explore this interactive map, illustrating the who, what, where and when of NATO.


Member countries

An overview of NATO member countries with links to the national information servers of each country and to the website of its national delegation to NATO.



NATO cooperates with a range of countries and international organisations in different structures (Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, Mediterranean Dialogue, Istanbul Cooperation Initiative,...). A list of these international organisations and countries with links to their information servers.


Who's who at NATO?

Biographies and pictures of the current senior government officials, Permanent Representatives to the North Atlantic Council, all NATO Secretaries General, principal officials to the International Staff, members of the Military Committee, major NATO Commanders and the principal officials of the NATO International Military.



An up to date overview of NATO's organisations and structure with links to more specific websites if available.


Business Opportunities at NATO HQ

This online service gives you access to NATO Headquarters procurement notices. This service is free and may provide you with some business opportunities.



A list of current international civilian staff vacancies at NATO headquarters and in the various NATO locations world-wide.


Internship Programme

NATO Headquarters (HQ) introduced its Internship Programme in 2004. The aim of the programme is to provide a small number of current or recent students with the opportunity to intern with the International Staff at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.


Co-sponsorship programmes with Partner Countries

The NATO Public Diplomacy Division runs an extensive public information programme towards the Alliance's Partner Countries. This programme includes publications in a number of Partner Countries' languages, sponsored visits by delegations of opinion-formers to NATO Headquarters in Brussels as well as co-sponsored conferences, seminars and workshops taking place in the Partner Countries themselves.


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