NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

The NATO Procurement Organisation (NPO)

A NATO Procurement Organisation (NPO) was established on 6 July 2012. This the first step in the creation of a framework for the execution of multinational armament procurement programmes within the Alliance.

Until 2014, the NPO is in a design phase during which the structure and processes of the organisation will be developed in order to prepare for the effective execution of multinational procurement programmes.

  • Main tasks and responsibilities

    During the design phase of the NPO, the aim is to establish a holding body in which multinational procurement programmes could be integrated.

    The Organisation will draw from the experience of current multinational procurement agencies such as the NATO Eurofighter and Tornado Management Agency (NETMA), NATO Helicopter Management Agency (NAHEMA), NATO Alliance Ground Surveillance Management Agency (NAGSMA), NATO Medium Extended Air Defense System Management Agency (NAMEADSMA), and NATO Airborne Early Warning Programme Management Agency (NAPMA) which will continue to exist until the Agency’s mission is fulfilled or participating nations decide to integrate into the new Organisation.

    A study assessing the possible merger of the NATO Support and Procurement Organisations, will also take place during the design phase.
  • The Organisation’s structure

    The NPO is a subsidiary body of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation and was established by the North Atlantic Council. The Organisation’s operations are overseen by an Agency Supervisory Board, its sole governing body, which during the design phase will be the Conference of National Armaments Directors.

    The executive body will be activated when a procurement programme joins the NPO.

  • Evolution

    Following the design phase the organisational set up will be reviewed either to keep a separate NATO Procurement Organisation or an integrated NATO Support and Procurement Organisation.

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