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NATO Secretary General says Ukraine crisis amplifies need to boost defence cooperation

15 Apr. 2014

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Tuesday (15 April 2014) that the Ukraine crisis has amplified the need to strengthen cooperation between NATO, the European Union and with close partners. “We need to train and exercise more together, for instance the NATO Response Force and the EU Battlegroups, so that we stand ready for whatever the future may bring,” the Secretary General said arriving for EU Defence Ministers talks in Luxembourg.


small_Meetings of the Foreign Ministers at NATO Headquarters in Brussels - Arrival and doorstep statement by NATO Secretary General

NATO Secretary General concerned about escalation in eastern Ukraine

13 Apr. 2014

I am extremely concerned about the further escalation of tension in Eastern Ukraine. We see a concerted campaign of violence by pro-Russian separatists, aiming to destabilise Ukraine as a sovereign state. The reappearance of men with specialised Russian weapons and identical uniforms without insignia, as previously worn by Russian troops during Russia's illegal and illegitimate seizure of Crimea, is a grave development.


small_Secretary General's pre-ministerial press conference

Secretary General urges Russia to de-escalate

13 Apr. 2014

If Russia is serious about its desire to de-escalate the crisis in Ukraine, it should stop blaming others for its own actions, pull back its troops, step back into line with its international obligations and start rebuilding trust, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen argues in an op-ed entitled “De-escalation starts on the ground”, published on Sunday (13 April).


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