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NATO Archives marks enlargement anniversaries at the Foreign Ministers meeting

01 Apr. 2014

On April 1st, the NATO Foreign Ministers celebrated the accession anniversaries of twelve countries: 15 years for the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland; 10 years for Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia; 5 years for Albania and Croatia. NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen highlighted the event with a speech that commemorated the enlargements, reaffirmed NATO’s Open Door Policy and emphasized that the alliance remains dedicated to freedom and security. The Foreign Ministers of the twenty-eight NATO countries and the Secretary General issued a jointly signed statement to conclude the occasion. The original signed statement has been deposited to the NATO Archives.



"Forward Defence" : A NATO Archives seminar on NATO's Early Military Planning for Central Europe

09 Dec. 2013

Following the pattern established in 2011, the NATO Archives Committee meeting of December 2013 ended with a seminar. Its subject was the "forward defence" strategy developed by NATO at the turning point of the 1950s and 60s to defend Central Europe.


small_President John F. Kennedy at NATO Headquarters

NATO Archives pays tribute to President John F. Kennedy

20 Nov. 2013

Fifty years ago, on 22 November 1963, President John F. Kennedy of the United States was assassinated in Dallas, Texas. The tragic death of such a renowned and popular leader greatly shocked and saddened not just America, but the entire world. As the news of Kennedy’s death spread across the globe, NATO immediately shared its grief with the United States at the profound loss of an eminent leader who had pledged his full support to NATO’s vision of building and defending a community of free nations.


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