NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization

03 Mar. 2011

NATO Secretary General congratulates Prime Minister of Montenegro on progress in important reforms

The NATO Secretary General welcomed Prime Minister Igor Luksic of Montenegro on his first visit to NATO on 3 March 2011. During the visit, they discussed progress on reforms that Montenegro is undertaking in the framework of the Membership Action Plan.

The Secretary General said that Allies note and appreciate clear progress in crucial areas. However, the Secretary General said, more  work remains to be done and it is now premature to outline a timetable for membership in the Alliance.

NATO is the guarantor of peace and stability in the Balkans”, the Secretary General said. “I firmly believe that the future of Montenegro lies within Euro-Atlantic structures,  within NATO and the EU”.

The Secretary General thanked Montenegro for  its moderating role in the region and for  the valuable contribution to NATO’s ISAF mission in Afghanistan.