NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organisation

19 May. 200920 May. 2009

Spring NC3B meeting focuses on interoperability

The NATO Consultation, Command and Control Board (NC3B), the senior multinational Committee advising the North Atlantic Council on Consultation, Command and Control (C3) policy, conducted its Spring Meeting on 19 - 20 May 2009 at NATO Headquarters in Brussels.

The Board met in Allied, Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and NATO Network Enabled Capability (NNEC) format, with attendance of senior national C3 representatives from capitals, and the Group of National C3 Representatives to NATO. The NNEC session formally agreed on the new NNEC governance hierarchy for the Alliance.

In parallel to the meeting, the Supreme Allied Commander Transformation Headquarters provided an overview of the NNEC programme, which is the Alliance‚Äôs ability to federate various capabilities at all levels, military (strategic to tactical) and civilian, through an information infrastructure.


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