General Peter Bartram

Chief of Defence – Denmark

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DATE OF BIRTH: 4th May 1961 in Aarhus

FAMILY: Married to Lene Østrup


1981-85 The Royal Danish Military Academy
1991 Command and General Staff Course I, in Copenhagen
1993-94 Command and General Staff Course II, in Copenhagen
1985 First Lieutenant
1987 Captain
1994 Major
1999 Lieutenant Colonel
2005 Colonel
2008 Brigadier
2012 General


1985-86 2nd in Command/TANKSQN/Prince Life Regiment
1986-87 2nd in Command/STAFFSQN/Prince Life Regiment
1987-88 2nd in Command/TANKSQN/Prince Life Regiment
1988-89 Operationsofficer/Batalion/Prince Life Regiment
1990-91 Commander/ Armoured Infantry Company/Prince Life Regiment
1991-93 Staffofficer/Organization and personnel management/Army Operational Command
1994-97 Staffofficer/Personnel management Army/Defence Command Denmark
1997-98 Staff Officer/G-3 Division/HQ LANDJUT
1999-01 Chief Military Assistant/MNC NE
2001-02 Commander/batalion/Prince Life Regiment
2002-03 Commander/DANBN/MNB-N/KFOR
2003-04 Chief/Study- and development branch/Army Operational Command
2004-06 Chief/Development department/Army Operational Command
2006-10 Commander of 1. Brigade
2010-12 Assistant Chief of Staff/Strategic Allied Command Transformation
2012- Chief of Defence


Knight of 1st class of the Order of Dannebrog
Badge of Honour for 25 years of Good Service in the Army
The French Defence Medal, Gold
NATO Medal for Kosovo
The Polish Army Medal, Bronze