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NATO Press Office Contacts

The NATO Press Office is the first point of contact for all media enquiries. If you are from the media, to reach our team of Press Officers please send an email ( or call the Media Operations Centre (MOC) at +32 2 707 5041. Please note that we can only answers queries from the media.
Our Press Officers will examine your query and get back to you as soon as possible. Our Media Operations Team are also happy to help you with media arrangements and information on upcoming events.

  • [Oana Lungescu]

    Oana Lungescu NATO Spokesperson

  • [Piers Cazalet]

    Piers Cazalet Deputy Spokesman
    Head of Press and Media

  • [Dylan White]

    Dylan White Press Officer / Editor

  • [Matthias Eichenlaub]

    Matthias Eichenlaub Press Officer

  • [Damien Arnaud ]

    Damien Arnaud Head of Media Operations

  • [Peggy Beauplet]

    Peggy Beauplet Press Officer

  • [ 
Alina Coca]

    Alina Coca Deputy Head of Media Operations

  • [Simone de Manso]

    Simone de Manso Press Officer

  • [Rehanna Jones-Boutaleb ]

    Rehanna Jones-Boutaleb Press Officer

  • [Irina Novakova ]

    Irina Novakova Press Officer

  • [Daniele Riggio ]

    Daniele Riggio Press Officer

  • [Mark Sanders]

    Mark Sanders Press Officer

  • [Heidi Van de Velde ]

    Heidi Van de Velde Coordinator Media Relations / Assistant to Spokesperson