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Lieutenant General Peter Gajdoš

Military Representative – Slovak Republic

Lieutenant General Peter Gajdoš was born on 9 April 1959 in Nitra, Slovakia. In 1982 he graduated from the Land Forces Military Academy in Vyškov na Morave, Czech Republic and from Military Academy in Moscow, 1990. In 1998-1999 he attended International Staff Officer Course in the Netherlands. Lieutenant General Peter Gajdoš continued his military education by graduating from the Royal College of Defense Studies in London, 2002.

During his tenure at the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff he was appointed to an array of key positions in the field of Operations, Slovak integration to NATO and EU and performed a range of tasks related to development of fundamental policy documents. In 2005 he assumed the position of Deputy Chief of General Staff.

Lieutenant General Peter Gajdoš is married to Jelena, and they have two children, girls Patricia and Nicola. His interests include hunting, running, football, tennis and swimming. He speaks English and Russian.


1982 – 1983 Company Commander, 8th Mechanized Regiment, Bratislava
1983 – 1984 Battalion Deputy Commander, 8th Mechanized Regiment, Bratislava
1984 – 1987 Battalion Commander, 8th Mechanized Regiment, Bratislava
1990 – 1992 Regiment Deputy Commander, 8th Mechanized Regiment, Bratislava
1992 – 1995 Regiment Commander, 10th Tank Regiment, Martin
1995 – 1998 Military Assistant to Minister of Defense, Bratislava
1998 – 2000 Director, Protocol MOD, Bratislava
2000 – 2002 Executive Officer, the Office of the Chief of the General Staff
2003 - 2005 ACOS Operations, General Staff
2005 - 2010 Deputy Chief of the General Staff, Slovak Armed Forces


  • Medal for Merits and Defence of Homeland
  • Medal of the Minister of Defense for Service in Peace – Keeping Operations
  • Commemorative Medal of the Minister of Defense of the Slovak Republic
  • Military Badge of Honor of the Slovak Armed Forces
  • Commemorative Medal of the Chief of General Staff of the Slovak Armed Forces


Second Lieutenant September 1, 1981
First Lieutenant July 11, 1982
Lieutenant October 1, 1983
Captain October 1, 1986
Major October 1, 1989
Lieutenant Colonel January 1, 1994
Colonel September 1, 1996
Brigadier General August 28, 2003
Major General May 8, 2005
Lieutenant General January 1, 2007

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