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25 Nov. 2010

NATO's new Strategic Concept

On 19 and 20 November, NATO Heads of State and Government gathered in Lisbon, Portugal for one of the most important Summits in the Alliance’s history.

NATO’s leaders adopted a new Strategic Concept that will be the roadmap for the Organization for the next decade.  Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said, “NATO will be more effective, more engaged in the world and more efficient than ever before”.

This new Strategic Concept has often been portrayed as a balancing act. How to balance new threats with old ones? How to accomodate the interests of small countries and big ones? Now that it has been signed, how was the Concept seen?

NATO Review  talks to key stakeholders at the Lisbon Summit.

NATO’s New Strategic Concept: a successful balancing act?

NATO’s first Strategic Concept for eleven years has often been portrayed as a balancing act. Now that it has been signed, how is the Concept seen?

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