Brigadier General Zoltan Mihocza, Military Representative of Hungary

Military Representative

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Name: MIHÓCZA, Zoltán
Rank: Brigadier General
Date of Rank: 01 February 2010
Date of Birth: 18 March 1962


1980-86 Military University, Minsk (Byelorussia, former Soviet Union) University (bachelor’s) degree – radio technical engineer
1996-97 ADA Officers Advanced Course, El Paso (Texas, USA)
2004-05 Air War College, Montgomery (Alabama, USA) Master degree – strategic studies


1999 C-70 NBC Defense Course, NATO School SHAPE, Oberammergau, GE
2000 I-32 NATO Staff Officers’ Orientation Course, NATO School SHAPE, Oberammergau, GE
2001 C-29 MJLC Course, NATO School SHAPE, Oberammergau, GE
2001 NATO Logistic Course, Aachen, GE
2007 Senior Executive Seminar 07-6, George C. Marshall Center, GE
2008 Managing Defence Course, Cranfield University, UK


1986–89 Deputy Commander 11/7th Air Defense Battalion (SA-2)
1989–92 Commander Maintenance Company, 11th Air Defense Brigade
1992–94 Chief Maintenance Service, 11th Air Defense Brigade
1995–96 Chief Missile Service, 11th Air Defense Brigade
1997 Chief Military Technology, 11th Air Defense Brigade
1998 SO Meteorological Office Hungarian Defense Force
1999 SO Modernization Management Office, J5 Defense Staff, MOD
1999–2002 SO Logistic Branch, J1/4 NATO HQ JCS Verona, Italy
2002–2003 SO Modernization Management Office, J5 Defense Staff, MOD
2003–2004 MA Chief for Integration Defense Staff, MOD
2005 MA Director of Defense Staff, MOD
2005-2006 Chief NATO and Doctrines Branch, Military Planning Directorate, Defense Staff, MOD
2006 Deputy Head of Operations and Training Department, MOD
2010-2011 Head of Force Planning Department, MOD


2000–2001 KFOR (3/4) NATO HQ Pristina, Kosovo
(6 months)


Meritorious Service Medal Laureate
Meritorious Service Medal Gold
Meritorious Service Medal Bronze
Distinguished Service Medal 1st (30 years)
Distinguished Service Medal 2nd (20 years)
Distinguished Service Medal 3rd (10 years)
Meritorious Service Medal NATO
Kosovo NATO Medal
Medal for Peacekeeping


English (STANAG 6001 – 4444)


20 Aug 1986 2nd Lieutenant
29 Sep 1988 1st Lieutenant
29 Sep 1993 Captain
15 Dec 1996 Major
01 Jan 2002 Lieutenant Colonel
08 Jul 2005 Colonel
01 Feb 2010 Brigadier General